The town of Corleone is situated in the heart of Western Sicily, not far from Palermo, and its territory is chasracterized by its unique microclimate

The countryside, rich of colors and scents, it's warmed up by the sun and the soil is dry and firm.

The vineyards are situated on the hills were they are not touched by the fog and the air is refreshed by the wind that makes it clean and full of oxygen during all the seasons of the year.



The Principe di Corleone estate, owned by the Pollara family, spans about 100 acres and is situated in the North-West area of the countryside of the Arab-Norman town of Corleone, at a height between 350 and 550 metres above sea level.

In the territory near the estate is possible to find many famous natural landscapes like Rocca Busambra, Rocche di Rao, Monte Triona and Monte Colomba. An underground stream of water is used by the family to irrigate their vineyards.

The Winery

The Principe di Corleone wines are made in the winery in Contrada Malvello, near Monreale (Palermo province).

Here time, precious, Slovenian oak barrells and French barriques allow the wine to age and to mature.

Modern production technologies are used along with the rules of tradition and the know-how of the people who work at the winery in a fascinanting and rich environment with more than a century of history behind it.



SINCE 1892

1892 is the year in which Giuseppe Pollara began cultivating the vineyards and founded the winery and adventure of the family officially styarted. Generation after generation, with dedication and talent, the Pollara family has trasmitted both in Italy and abroad the values and the culture of the Sicilian wines.

Vincenzo and Lea Pollara, managers of the family business, strongly believe that the quality of the wines begins in the vineyards, so one of the priorities is to take care of them under any aspect.

Innovation and tradition created a modern and rational approach that keeps the winery competitive over the years. The Principe di Corleone wines are then the fruits of the union between vineyards, people and passion, masterpiecesin bottle with a strong personality and synonymous with excellence.