How to reach us

1 – Drive along the Palermo-Sciacca Highway and after 27.5 km exit at San Cipirello/Partinico. Turn right and follow the directions to San Cipirello. After 1 km follow the directions to Corleone at the crossroads. Keep on driving toward Corleone and then take the SP4. Proceed on the SP4 for 17km and then at the junction turn right toward Roccamena. At this point take the SP4 bis and proceed for 2 km. You have reached your destination, the Winery!


2 – While driving on the Palermo-Agrigento, take the exit to Bolognetta. Head toward Corleone first and then proceed toward San Cipirello (SP4). After 10 km turn right and take the SP4 bis.


Contact us


Contrada Malvello - S.P. 4 Bis - Km. 2,0 SNC 90046 Monreale (PA)


Tel.: +39. 091 84 62 922

+39. 091 84 63 512